Selected Work

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The Heart of Sri Katava – (Feature Film / Adventure) – “In 1930s colonial Sri Lanka, a local teenager and his friends battle the odds to make their island’s first feature film — and discover a kingdom of ancient myth hidden within the jungles.”

Screwdriver – (Feature Film / Dark Comedy) -“Taken in by a wealthy couple after her sudden divorce, a trusting woman spirals into a surreal nightmare of manipulation, paranoia, and betrayal.”

Lord of Space – (Feature Film / Comedy) – “In ’70s New Hollywood, a neurotic director and his crew battle studio execs and endless disasters to complete a bizarre space fantasy epic — ‘STAR WARS.'”

Stygiana – (Feature Film / Thriller) – “When a shadowy Homeland Security office is attacked, a federal agent wielding mind-altering powers fights tooth-and-claw against her similarly-skilled opponents as the sanity of the building is ripped apart.”

Prowlers – (Feature Film / Horror) – “As wildfires color Cincinnati skies blood-red, young people caught in civil unrest find themselves targeted by a vicious pack of State Trooper vampires. Better fight back.”


REPUBLIC – (Hour Pilot / Drama) – “An epic, stylish reimagination of the Punic Wars between Ancient Rome and Carthage as a noir-tinted world of status and intrigue.”


Neikeans – (One Act / Dark Comedy) – “When a campus lockdown traps four antagonistic students in an empty theatre, tensions rise and egos clash as rehearsal unravels under looming crisis.”


The Palisade – (Short Story / Slipstream) – “A disaffected office worker plunges into a world of surreal, dreamlike states where hearts intertwine and time stands still.”

Komodo – (Novel / Science Fiction) – “On the fringes of an atrophied solar republic, a disgraced government operative founds a private peacekeeping empire, waging a tragic and brutal campaign to crush the old system under her heel.”

The Third Machine – (Novella / Science Fiction) – “Deep beneath a world destroyed by nuclear fire, three star-crossed scientists in an underground research shelter discover alternate versions of themselves — with dire consequences.”

Presence – (Short Story / Science Fiction) – “In a banal dystopian future, an ad-damaged internet addict finds themselves increasingly beholden to a social media automation system.”

Dark Peak – (Short Story / Slipstream) – “Months after World War II, a weary British flight crew encounters an unnatural storm with the power to bring them to their final rest.”

Revenants – (Novel / Fantasy) – “In a Great War-era world of fantasy and strife, a teen fugitive and her friends team up with a reclusive adventurer widow, embarking on an action-packed, continent-spanning race against time to stop an imminent invasion from the depths.”

Graphic Novels

RAPTOR – (Science Fiction) – “A headstrong privateer captain leads her loveable misfit crew on hair-raising adventures through the glittering wealth and eerie depths of a vast galactic federation.”

Interactive Fiction

Claudia Braun and the Disappearing Sable – (Fantasy) – “An illustrated pick-your-path adventure where the reader controls a precocious bear cub detective in a train station full of colorful animal characters.”


Phantom Signals – (Podcast / Sci-Fi) – A found-footage anthology series chronicling tales of monsters, strange worlds, and inexplicable phenomena.