Screen and Playwriting

A graduate of the screenwriting program at CSU Northridge’s nationally ranked film and television school, I’ve been writing for the stage and screen since early childhood.

My work spans the gamut of scale and audience, ranging from single-room thrillers to galaxy-spanning epics. Running as a through-line across it all are a sharp comic tone, grounded stakes, and a fascination with the nature of fallible human systems.

Selected Work

Available to read by request:


The Heart of Sri Katava – (Feature Film / Adventure) – “In 1930s colonial Sri Lanka, a local teenager and his friends battle the odds to make their island’s first feature film — and discover a world of ancient myth hidden within the jungles.”

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Screwdriver – (Feature Film / Dark Comedy) -“Staying at the spacious home of an old friend, a young woman reeling from blindside divorce begins to question her slipping sanity — and the intentions of her erudite hosts.”

Lord of Space – (Feature Film / Comedy) – “The madcap odyssey of an obscure director’s disastrous attempt to shoot a seemingly doomed 1970s sci-fi epic – ‘Star Wars.'”


Neikeans – (One Act / Dark Comedy) – “When a campus lockdown traps four antagonistic students in an empty theatre, tensions rise and egos clash as rehearsal unravels under looming crisis.”

Treatments and More

Phantom Signals – (Podcast / Sci-Fi) – A found-footage anthology series chronicling tales of monsters, strange worlds, and inexplicable phenomena.

Republic – (Pilot / Drama) – A speculative thriller exploring California’s declaration of secession from a fractured United States, and the resulting fallout.