Prose and Comics

A prolific writer since childhood, I’ve published short fiction in VICE’s Motherboard, as well as esteemed journals such as OMNI and Strange Horizons. Much of my short fiction is available for reprint, and I have a small handful of novels either drafted or seeking representation.

Beyond the literary, I collaborate with illustrator Gerard d’Albon on the RAPTOR series of graphic novels, which is currently looking for a permanent online home.

Assorted Work

Komodo – (Novel / Science Fiction) “The tragic, system-shaking rise of an outworld enforcer turned renegade CEO, a brilliant iconoclast who takes her security startup toe-to-toe against a decaying interplanetary government.”

Revenants – (Novel / Great War Fantasy) “In a distant realm of kingdoms, robots, and airships, a washout military cadet and her friends chase down a brewing state conspiracy — while monstrous forces threaten to arise from the earth.”

Presence – (Short / Science Fiction) – Read it in VICE’s Motherboard.
Dark Peak – (Short / Fantasy) – Read it in Strange Horizons.
The Third Machine – (Short / Science Fiction) – Available by request.
The Olynthian – (Short / Science Fiction) – Available by request.
The Samson Contingency (Short / Science Fiction) – Read it in OMNI.
Execution Detail (Short / Science Fiction) – Available by request.